Two Corpus-Based Approaches to Rap Flow


  • Jacob J Gran Louisiana State University



rap, rap music, corpus, corpus studies, flow


This commentary compares and contrasts the two articles within this issue that describe a corpus-based approach to rap music (Condit-Schultz, 2016; Ohriner 2016). Beyond their technical differences, these studies mutually converge on the concept of "flow" as a window into the technical problems of analyzing rap music, and the results of the two studies complement one another. The comparison of these essays allows a unique insight into the methodological alternatives available within corpus-based research. I also attempt to briefly contextualize these essays within the history of the field, and to outline what I believe their significance to be as contributions to the musicology of rap music.




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Gran, J. J. (2017). Two Corpus-Based Approaches to Rap Flow. Empirical Musicology Review, 11(2), 185–186.