Toward Extended Music Cognition: Commentary on Music and Cognitive Extension


  • Jakub Ryszard Matyja Polish Academy of Sciences



music perception, extended cognition, music cognition, wide computationalism, musical affordances


In his paper, Luke Kersten (2014) argues that since music cognition is part of a locationally wide computational system, it can be considered as an extended process. Overall I sympathize with Kersten’s (2014) view. However, in the present paper I underline those issues that need to be, in my opinion, developed in a more detailed and cautious way. Extended music perception is the idea that “it ain’t all in the head”, but rather involves the exploitation of non-neural body and musical environment. In order to push the debate further, I suggest situating Kersten’s views within a broader context of recent research, thus strengthening the theoretical importance of his proposal.