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Shaffer, Kris, Independent Scholar, Boulder, Colo.
Shaffer, Kris, University of Colorado, Boulder (United States)
Shanahan, Daniel
Shanahan, Daniel, Ohio State University
Shanahan, Daniel, Louisiana State University (United States)
Shanahan, Daniel, Northwestern University
Shanahan, Daniel, Ohio State University
Shanahan, Daniel, University of Virginia
Shea, Nicholas, Arizona State University
Shea, Nicholas J., Arizona State University
Siedenburg, Kai, Dept. of Medical Physics and Acoustics and Cluster of Excellence Hearing4all, University of Oldenburg
Solberg, Ragnhild Torvanger, University of Agder
Sollich, Peter
Song, Sijia E., University at Albany, State University of New York
Spitzer, Michael, Department of Music, University of Liverpool
Srinivasamurthy, Ajay, Music Technology Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
Still, Jonathan, Institution of Education
Strykowski, Derek R., University at Buffalo
Sun, Sophia H., Wellesley College
Susino, Marco, College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Flinders University; Empirical Musicology Research Laboratory, UNSW Sydney
Sutton, John, Macquarie University
Swijghuisen Reigersberg, Muriel, University of Sydney


Tan, Daphne, University of Toronto
Tan, Siu-Lan
Tan, Siu-Lan, Kalamazoo College

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